WaKhan Tasteful place with extremely well mannered staff

Me and my friends took the opportunity to wander on down to wakhan. A nice and cozy cafe next to Iqra University entertainment plaza phase 2, Hayatabad, actually the old place Cibo Caldo replaced by the same owners to “WaKhan”




From start to end it was an amazing lunch experience at the cafe, we started off with (crispy chicken, cheese nachos) and some curly fries, the serving was huge and the taste was too good. The salsa they served us with the fries was so fresh and clearly made with care.

#FACT : Wakhan is a very mountainous and rugged part of the Pamir, Hindu Kush and Karakoram regions of Afghanistan.

A group of us then ordered four main course dishes, Julian Rigatoni, Spicy Fettuccine baked Pasta, Crispy Fried Fish, Calzone Pizza. All of the dishes were served flawlessly, cooked to perfection and tasted delectable. We asked to meet the chef to compliment him and we luckly had an opportunity to meet him.

Julian Rigatoni


Julian Rigatoni


  The atmosphere was restful and basic, the person who waits our table was so pleasant and hospitable. However the menu was small but who cares?? What matters more is food quality. The prices are reasonable, portions are more than sufficient. To sum it up WaKhan is 10/10.

They gave us complimentary Arabic desert, not sure what its name was but it was great! We were really impressed and would definitely visit again.


        crispy chicken cheese nachos  210/-

fries 120/-

 Julian Rigatoni  350/-

  Spicy Fettuccine baked Pasta  380/-

Crispy fried Fish 480/-

Calzone Pizza 250/-

and including tea and soft drinks total bill came up 2,225/-


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