By Hina & Zara

Loafers, Espadrilles, Stilettos, Wedges, or Brogue I love all kinds of shoes and if you love them as I do you’re going to love this post.

One of the most sophisticated shoe and accessories brand, known for its hand crafted shoes in Pakistan. I finally caught up with the most talented brains behind “Mochari” Hina & Zara.

1: Tell us something about Hina & Zara?

ZARA: I am an optimist. I believe that you can make your life better by tackling challenges head on.

HINA: I firmly believe in razing down impediments that have been erected for women in our society. Theses obstacles limit our progress, therefore, I adhere to the principle of perseverance and constant struggle which involves taking risks every time.

2: What was the idea behind mochari and what inspired you to start designing shoes and accessories?

Mochari initially was a periphery of the H&Z Khussa Collection. H&Z is a khussa brand that we both and our mother started in 2012 and has an online presence, it is a contemporary take on traditional khussas. With the passage of time Mochari took center stage because of the potential it has and manifested itself in the form everyone is now acquainted with.

Our mother has made us an enthusiast who believe that inspiration can be found anywhere. For our designs our culture and its diversity are the epicenter of inspirational energy.

3: Which one is your most favorite design of mochari?

Picture attached

4: Who would you like to wear mochari?

EVERYONE. From a toddler to our grandmother (Who BTW actually owns a lot of pairs from mochari)

5: Is there any style of shoes or sandals you don’t like or you are in favor of? ?

I like almost all, there is none I can recall which I don’t like because it’s really about how you pair them and carry them around.

6: Tell us about your future project you have planned?

There are a few very exciting experiment/projects in the pipeline. Hopefully, everyone will be informed in adequate time and as soon as they materialize.

7: Mochari is famous for Peshawari Chappals, have you ever planned to open an outlet in Peshawar?

Yes, definitely, Mochari will soon have a presence in all the major cities of Pakistan.

8: What is your motto??

laggay raho bas‘ (for whatever it is)

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